Economical Data Collection Services for AWOS III Weather Systems.


Simply plug in modem and begin forwarding METAR data to the FAA today.

Why Should Every State Be Involved?


The NASAO/FAA non-federal AWOS-III program was developed by NASAO and IWAPI in conjunction with the FAA to provide an essential link between non-federal AWOS-III sensors and the national FAA system. Dissemination into the national network has far-reaching benefits for  states, local communities and industry stakeholders. Instantly access, analyze and act upon timely information.



Getting Started


Contact us at or call 303-526-5995. Upon service activation, simply connect the provided modem to an AWOS-III. The AWOS-III is required to have a NADIN port set to output to METAR. Collected data is processed and sent into the FAA's national system.



$500 one-time setup and $500 annual fee per AWOS-III. 20% of the annual service fee benefits NASAO. Separate internet connection or cellular service required.



Frequently Asked Questions

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